UPS Unified Products and Services Local Hub Franchise Package:

599K PACKAGE: Php599,000

Franchise Fee = Php250,000
System Fee = 150,000
VAT 12% = 48,000
Security Deposit = 50,000
5 Global Dealer Kits = 74,990
20 Visa Cards = 3,000

Inclusions will be:
1. Signage
2. Acrylic Logo
3. "Soon To Open" Tarpaulin

Services Covered:
1. Bills Payment - With more Billers than the Dealer
2. Remittance - With more remittance partners than the Dealer
3. Eloading
4. Ticketing (Domestic and International)
5. Money Changer
6. Courier Services (coming soon)
7. Travel and Hotel Booking
Note. Other products and services to come very soon.

1. Furniture and fixtures will be supplied by the company at additional cost.
2. Lay-out and design shall be subject to the approval of the company.
3. Unlimited transaction per day for all services.

The UPS Hub Franchise Package is subject to change without prior notice. Contact us for details and updates. THANK YOU!